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Our Popular Dishes

In our kitchen we prepare the best craft dishes of the molecular cuisine. Here and only here you can appreciate the advantages of the taste of dishes made with literal atomic precision.

Gastronomy is one of the best ways to experience the world

This is our motto and we are guided by it when creating our next culinary masterpiece. Want to take a different look at meat? Try the meat that will be lingonberry pie in taste and recipe. Ready for the thrill? Then order a muffin, which you can distinguish from spicy shrimp only in appearance. We are pleased to present this and much more to you in our restaurant. 

Healthy Breakfasts

We prepare the best healthy and healthy breakfasts in town. All the nutrients and energy you need for the day in one meal.

Curry And Pasta

A touch of India – the country of origin of curry in every Indian dish, which has a 40% discount on Thursdays until 2 pm.

Tasty Burgers

We all love burgers, even when we’re not ready to talk about it! Come over for a double bacon burger and we won’t tell anyone.


We always have a delivery service that will take you your favorite dish right to your bed. You can always make an order by installing our application. On Mondays the delivery price is free.

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